My First Article Debuts with Echo & Rig


It is one thing to self-publish, but even that takes some fortitude when you're a die-hard wallflower. It is something else altogether when someone says to you, "Yes, I liked what you wrote and I'd like to share it with the outside world." It is somehow humbling yet validating though I feel those two emotions conflicting with each other in my brain and in my breast daily.

It is just a review, a simple little review on a place I visited that made an impact on me. I wondered if people outside LA and NY could identify with the excitement I felt about a steakhouse+butchery concept opening up in a place where it is totally unique. I'm hoping they will and seemed to feel that as well.

So they published it.

I'm published. I'm published in a place where people come together to discuss all things food which I could do all day, every day if given the opportunity.

So here's a start. I hope you'll read the piece and if you're ever in Vegas, please explore all the wonderful delights just off the strip that are waiting to be enjoyed.