Chicken and a Biscuit - The Wandering Goose, Seattle


It's hard to go wrong with a piece of fried bird on a fluffy buttermilk biscuit. The South got it right in that regard and the rest of the country has readily hopped on the "biscuit bandwagon". Biscuits with everything but a dead cat (apologies to cat lovers) can be found in abundance throughout the Northwest now.

It's what I'd hoped to find when I stopped off at SON OF A BISCUIT on Portland's food-filled Division Street last week. SOB is laying down some seriously delicious Nashville Hot Chicken - they're famous for their bird and their biscuit, so I was perplexed when I asked if I could have the chicken sandwich on one of their famous biscuits instead of the brioche bun the menu said it came with.

I got the kiabosh, surprisingly. The helpful gent at the counter informed me their chicken thighs (what they use for the sandwich) were just to big to fit on their biscuit. I'm unsure why they felt this was a problem ... no need to quibble, however. I'm not new to the culinary symantics game. I simply ordered two pieces of Nashville Hot with a biscuit and a side. There's more than one way to skin a cat (again, sorry cat lovers).

Not to be outdone, Seattle is known for their massive breakst sandwiches, and a little bird told me if I was looking for a hardcore chicken and a biscuit, THE WANDERING GOOSE was not to be missed.

I'm a bit of a purist when I'm trying a joint for the first time. I bypass the frills and go straight for the bare-bones iconic dish (more about that when blog about MIYABI 45). At the Wandering Goose, it had to be the Aunt Annie: fried chicken, bread and butter pickles, house-made mustard and Heather's honey - plopped plumply on a tender buttermilk biscuit.

Was I taken aback by the massiveiece of fried chicken perched precariously atop my buttery biscuit? Hell-to-the-no, folks. You know me too well. Truth be told, I had a massive food day scheduled so I refrained from scarfing the entire 'wich, which wasn't easy. They'd clearly brined the chicken thigh (as if it wasn't moist enough), the crunch factor was through the roof, and the piquant bite of the house-made pickels and mustard cut through the meaty chicken perfectly, with the sweet kiss of honey rounding everything out.

You want to see? Well, alright, but don't say I didn't warn ya:

While THE WANDERING GOOSE is very much about the bird and the biscuit, they're more than that (did I mention they do a mean Oyster Po Boy?). Swinging the doors open wide and welcoming the South in, their Fried Chicken Fridays are worth the  hassle of finding a parking space. Three pieces of chicken + biscuit + three sides and you'll be whistling Dixie in no time. The hard part is choosing which three sides: pimento mac 'n cheese, collards, grits, Sea Island peas and good ol' taters 'n gravy as well as coleslaw are among the contenders.

And if you happen to have any empty real estate in your belly after all of that, do not miss a slice of their mile-high cakes. They're amazing eye candy. 

Sigh ... the things I do for this food blog ...