Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats


Hooray for healthy dog treats and happy pups! Marcello is shown here, happily noshing on the sweet potato "jerky" I made for him this past weekend after reading about it on my FAVORITE NEW FOOD BLOG EVER ... Thug Kitchen.

I've been absolutely balls-to-the-walls at work lately. I know that's crass, and if you can't handle that you probably shouldn't visit Thug Kitchen either, but it's true. I've been NUTS (there she goes again ...) lately and haven't had much time to post the yummy stuff I've been cooking.

Oh I'm still cooking. Girl and puplets must eat! I'm just too worn out at the end of the day to drag the camera out. I also haven't been slacking on my food-hunting. A few weeks ago, Saveur put out their list of the Best Food Blogs for 2013. I look forward to this list every year. I've found and now follow some of the most wonderful food blogs ever. My most favorite this year is the wacked-out Thug Kitchen.

Warning: should you find a four-letter word starting with "f" offensive, just do me a favor and don't go there. If you're looking for a place that offers healthy, vegan recipes, fantastic writing and great pics and you don't mind a "bit" of language, go check it out. You won't be disappointed. I love his stuff and I don't care. It's freaking good.

Just like these Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats. I SPOIL my puplets and I'm always looking for ways I can switch out processed not-so-good-for-them dog treats for veggies that will actually help straighten out their sensitive digestive systems. These are super easy to make and also great for human snack-attacks as well!

To save the overly-sensitive, I've provided Thug's recipe below, sans the f-bombs :)

Oh, and here's some cute pics of my puplets noshing on the sweet 'taters!

Sweet Potato Jerky
Dog Treats

1 sweet potato (about a pound and a half)

Heat the oven to 300-degrees

Cut the sweet potato into slices lengthwise about 1/8 inch to ¼ inch thick. Don’t get out a (bleep!-ing) ruler, just cut that (bleep!) so it is half as thick as a slice of bread. If the pieces are really wide, slice them up the middle so that they cook faster. Bake on a cookie sheet for 25 minutes, flip them over, and bake for about 25 minutes more. They should look all shriveled and some pieces should look crispy. Let them cool and then show your dog you (bleep!-ing) love them.

Makes about 20 treats. Store them in the fridge and they keep for about 2 weeks