Farmers Market - Seattle, WA


"I'm sorry, did I rush you?" My sister asked as I caught up with her at the car after we finished wandering through the Sunday Farmer's Market in the Ballard district of Seattle.

Truth be told, I would have stayed there all day if she'd let me, so I reassured her that I'd taken PLENTY of pictures. Even though I could have easily taken many more. She was kind enough to put up with my dawdling. It was two days before Christmas and Jen had a lot of cooking and organizing to do, so it made sense that she was just there to get her goods and get out.

The Farmer's Market in Ballard is pretty much a year-round thing, as much as I could tell. This is simply not fair (says Heidi, stamping her little foot and sticking out her lower lip for effect). The closest Farmer's Market to me is Flagstaff, AZ (132 miles south) and I believe they operate May through October. I'm not sure why that is. We have such a warm climate I would think you could grow stuff year-round, but maybe Arizona isn't as temperate as I thought - at least not Flagstaff and the high desert.

We showed up at the market looking for garlic, potatoes, winter greens, onions and apple cider. How I wished I could have bundled up all the fresh mushrooms I found ...

Anyway, I snapped some lovely photos of yummy stuff that I had to leave behind, but I'm happy to share the pixels with you!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to better quality eating in 2013.