Mmmm ... Pie!


I’ve really enjoyed baking this past summer at our little local farmers market. My little kitchen went through a ton of flour, sugar and most important … butter. But the season has drawn to a close and I’m left looking for excuses to keep the KitchenAid mixing and the oven hot.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I thought, why not bake pies, and share them with family and friends! And so I’m offering homemade pies, made with all-butter pie dough and a few unique flavor profiles - if you were a fan of my baked goods at the farmers market, you know how I roll.

My pies aren’t cheap, I’ll admit that - but I’m working with quality ingredients, all of the components are homemade, and the price includes sales tax and free local delivery, right to your doorstep.

Ready to order? The deadline to order a pie is November 17th. Buy Pie Now … and I’m totally okay with you telling your mother-in-law you made these.