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Momofuku CCDC and the need for food models

Yesterday I hit up David Chang's Momofuku DC outpost - a place I've been longing to visit for as long as I've owned the Momofuku cookbook (long time). Yes, I had the pork belly buns. Yes I had the ginger-scallion noodles. Yes, I had the holy grail ... Momofuku Ramen.

That's a lot of food but luckily, I had reinforcements - I'm in DC visiting my good friends Pete and Hanna Robbins, and we met up with Pete's brother's family as well as his parents. I always look forward to meeting new people (and they were all delightful), but  honestly I was truly hoping to capitalize on making them my food models.

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Vindaloo Flank Steak Wraps

Living in the high desert in northern Arizona, there are few days when it's too cold to cook outside on the grill. Pretty much the only thing that keeps me to firing up the grill instead of the oven is when I run out of propane. Yes, I love cooking with charcoal - I love the flavor, I love the screaming hot heat (my propane grill is a bit on the lower-end of the BTU scale) but I'm often cooking for one and haven't yet invested in a smaller, more intimate grill and I hate to waste all that smokey heat ...

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Feeding Friends, and a Potential New Adventure

When I think about what makes me the happiest, hands down it's when someone is enjoying a meal I cooked for them. The best meals are admittedly enjoyed with friends and family, but I'll cook for anyone who is  brave enough to pull up a chair at the table ... or anyone who has no other options. Recently our company was honored to receive two guests from our Japan office, Kawabe Hirokazu and Shunji Tanaka. To make them more comfortable and to forgo meetings at the office or in loud restaurants, we decided to put them up in a lovely rental home on the "rim" (Page is located on a mesa) which overlooked Lake Powell. The house was, to put it bluntly, a stunner - and they spared no expense on the kitchen. So I piped up and offered to cook for our guest and the management team that would be meeting with them during their stay.

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Proper Meats + Provisions – Sustainable, Local, Organic Butcher opens in Flagstaff, AZ

I’m not an overly patient person, but it’s true I have stood on line for many a culinary delight, the majority of which have been restaurants, food trucks, and possibly a celebrity-chef cookbook signing. I have not, however, often stood on line waiting for a butcher to open, so I was surprised (pleasantly) when I turned the corner of Cottage Avenue and San Francisco Street and saw a long line of people waiting outside the soon-to-open boutique butchery, Proper Meats + Provisions in Flagstaff, AZ.

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Charleston, stop 4 - Two Boroughs Larder

I apologize for the bit of back-and-forthing lately between my two blogs. Depending on the post, I often feel some stories flow better on one blog than the other. I also find it hard to pick out my clothes in the morning ... if that gives you deeper insight. So my three previous stops in Charleston, SC are on my "other" blog, and you can find them here.

At this point in the day I was stuffed to the brim with enough glorious food from the Charleston area to make even the most disciplined of locavores green with envy. If you and the places you gravitate toward at mealtimes focus on obtaining the freshest possible ingredients locally, you're a locavore.

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Brisket-Stuffed Piquillo Peppers with Bone Broth and Cotija Cheese

I really wish I'd come up with this recipe. It's really very simple, so basic when you look at the components of it, that it's a wonder a million of us didn't come up with it. If this dish looks and/or sounds even vaguely familiar to you, it's because I wrote about it on a recent food-crawl through Texas last fall. You may remember I penned quite animatedly about how much I loved this small plate showcased at Ft. Worth's Woodshed Smokehouse. You can read about it here ...

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Franklin Barbecue

Texans are pretty serious about their barbecue and they're not afraid to tell you their 'cue is the best. Period. They scoff at barbecue in places like Kansas City and Memphis, complaining that they cover up poorly smoked meat with way too much sauce. They bend slightly when the Carolinas take credit for inventing barbecue. They'll admit it's probably true but they're quick to remind them that Texans came along and perfected it.

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