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Savory French Toast

It pretty much goes without saying most people, generally, want to be "like everyone else." It makes them feel connected to those in their immediate sphere. It helps them feel they are part of a tribe. With some exception, this is especially true during the formative years of childhood - at least it was for me. And for someone who wanted to fit in so badly, I couldn't have pushed people further away with my need to belong.

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Trending Toast - Superba Food+Bread, Venice

In early February I went to Los Angeles. Los Angeles can be a lot of fun if you don’t have to live there (sorry, Los Angeles). There is the ocean, fresh seafood, lots of sun, beautiful people making movies, and there is a seemingly unending amount of good food to be had.

There is also a buttload of traffic. I dragged my poor sister along with me and we spent four days in it in an effort to cross off as many bucket list restaurants as humanely possible.

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Parachute - Chicago

I will not apologize for the amount of food publications I subscribe to, but at a certain point I had to take a long, hard look at the amount of paper that was piling up on bookshelves, end tables and empty corners around the house. I recycle religiously but couldn't keep the feelings of guilt at bay for purposefully and heartlessly slaughtering trees just to get my foodie fix.

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Charleston, stop 4 - Two Boroughs Larder

I apologize for the bit of back-and-forthing lately between my two blogs. Depending on the post, I often feel some stories flow better on one blog than the other. I also find it hard to pick out my clothes in the morning ... if that gives you deeper insight. So my three previous stops in Charleston, SC are on my "other" blog, and you can find them here.

At this point in the day I was stuffed to the brim with enough glorious food from the Charleston area to make even the most disciplined of locavores green with envy. If you and the places you gravitate toward at mealtimes focus on obtaining the freshest possible ingredients locally, you're a locavore.

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