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Momofuku CCDC and the need for food models

Yesterday I hit up David Chang's Momofuku DC outpost - a place I've been longing to visit for as long as I've owned the Momofuku cookbook (long time). Yes, I had the pork belly buns. Yes I had the ginger-scallion noodles. Yes, I had the holy grail ... Momofuku Ramen.

That's a lot of food but luckily, I had reinforcements - I'm in DC visiting my good friends Pete and Hanna Robbins, and we met up with Pete's brother's family as well as his parents. I always look forward to meeting new people (and they were all delightful), but  honestly I was truly hoping to capitalize on making them my food models.

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Miyabi Forty Fifth - A Niche Found

I often share thoughts on writing with a fellow blogger friend of mine, and while he's probably just as passionate about eating a good meal as I am, we write about completely different topics. That being said, I take his words of instruction, criticism and encouragement to heart over any other writer I coorespond with because we're both so extraordinarily passionate about this thing we are compelled to put down on paper (or pixel) and share with others. 

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SUMOMAYA - A Mexican/Asian Kitchen

What attracted me first to this Mexican-Asian fusion location in Scottsdale was an episode of "Beat Bobby Flay". A would-be contender (he didn't make it past round one) was formerly a chef at the vibrant restaurant. After my dad moved from Northern AZ down to "the Valley" I found myself heading south more often for visits, so I always had my ear to the ground for interesting places to eat.

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SoSoBa - The Nonstop Noodle Shop

I know, I know, where the heck have I been? Off gallivanting around the countryside? Spot on, Sherlock - indeed I have. I readily admit I've run a bit amok the past few weeks and I've enjoyed every minute of it. The next several posts will be all about roadtrip food adventures. I recently went to Chicago for a design conference (more about that soon) but before I pointed the Edge due east (flying is for the birds) I actually made a quick trip south - stopping in Flagstaff, Arizona before continuing on to Phoenix.

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Bun Thit Nuong (Vietnamese Grilled Pork with Vermicelli)

There are two givens in the tiny northern Arizona town where I live: it is windy (always, every year, without fail) from March until June, and you learn to cook with what you can find at the one (one!) grocery store in town.

This means your hair is always a mess, and you learn to live with the fact that you can't always get what you want (thanks, Rolling Stones). I blog often about the difficulties I face sourcing specific ingredients in this one-horse town, and my patience was tested again recently when I tried to hunt down flank steak for the cold Vietnamese rice noodle salad, bun

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Monkey King Noodle, Co. - Dallas, TX

The soup dumpling - something I obviously did not know I couldn't live without, thanks to Lucky Peach and all their slobbering over dumplings recently [I'm only half-mad, Lucky Peach, you taunting, teasing little weasel]. Living in northern Arizona, I don't often come across a good dumpling, much less "xiao long bao". Leave it to the Chinese to turn a soup with dumplings completely on its head.

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Ramen is Dead! At least I have gochujang bacon ...

Wait, what? Ramen is DEAD? I was just getting used to it being my FAVORITE FOOD EVER ... at least for right now. Last week I was pleased and excited to see that Lucky Peach (THE food bible) recently launched a website ( - convenient, no?). Well let me back up a moment - first I was dismayed and horrified when David Chang posted on Facebook that "RAMEN IS DEAD" - which included a link to the new website where I read anxiously until I realized Chang was merely suggesting that the innovation of ramen no longer exists, thanks in part to the immediacy of information available these days. And then I noticed several other submissions to The State of Ramen by the likes of food critic Jonathan Gold, food writer and publisher Peter Meehan, and the legendary ramen-master himself, Ivan Orkin. Ramen isn't quite dead, it's just that, as Chang suggests, "innovation and quality are all out of whack". For more of this glorious ramen discussion, go here.

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Khao Soi Kai - Northern Thai Curry Noodle Soup with Chicken

There is good Thai food, and then there is really, really good Thai food. If you've had the really, really good authentic stuff (Lotus of Siam in Vegas, Pok Pok in Portland and/or New York)  and it made you want to brave taking on the lengthy list of unknown ingredients and invest an entire weekend to pounding chile paste and curry paste in a mortar and pestle, in my book, you're a true lover of Thai food.

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