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Losing Tony

Like everyone else in my food-centric social media circle, I was shocked and extremely saddened this morning to hear of the death of one of my culinary heroes, Anthony Bourdain.

Of course I didn't know Tony personally, but I somehow feel his loss so profoundly. I mentioned to a friend that Tony was pivotal in my introduction to the food world. Food has always been a huge part of my life, but it wasn't until I began traveling and experiencing what was for me, mind-blowing cuisine, then wanting to come home and recreate it that Tony's culinary genius found me.

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Miso Polenta with Spring Vegetables and Poached Egg (GF / DF)

In Boston last week for a design conference (shout out to HOW Design Live!) I recharged my batteries with a ton of creatives, and also enjoyed a good amount of the culinary delights Bean Town has to offer.

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Phoenix Finds - Okra / The Henry

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

While that may very well be true, getting stronger sometimes really sucks. Big time.

Two weeks ago I'd come through about six months of getting stronger - at least I felt I was on the tail end of it. The shady darkness was retreating and I could see glimmering patches of sunlight. What had been most recently "killing me" was easing up a bit, loosening its choke hold somewhat. I felt cautiously optimistic.

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Deconstructed Roasted Tomato Grits and Shrimp, with Sauteed Baby Mustard Greens and Bacon "Confit"

I cook a lot at home, and I'm very much used to cooking alone - puttering around the kitchen, mumbling and tripping over the pups, wondering where I'll find room in the fridge for the vittles I'm making. But what I really enjoy is cooking with people who enjoy cooking as much as I do. THAT is when I really enjoy myself in the kitchen.

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Farmers Market - Seattle, WA

"I'm sorry, did I rush you?" My sister asked as I caught up with her at the car after we finished wandering through the Sunday Farmer's Market in the Ballard district of Seattle.

Truth be told, I would have stayed there all day if she'd let me, so I reassured her that I'd taken PLENTY of pictures. Even though I could have easily taken many more. She was kind enough to put up with my dawdling. It was two days before Christmas and Jen had a lot of cooking and organizing to do, so it made sense that she was just there to get her goods and get out.

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