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Roast Beet Salad with Whipped Goat Cheese, Citrus Oil, and Mint

"You should write a cookbook!"

I hear that a lot, and while I'm always humbled that folks seem to like me and subsequently my food, it seems an incredulous notion to me. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE cookbooks and I'd be lying if I said I didn't care one wit about my name hanging around long after I'm gone in the form of a cookbook, but ...

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Eeeaaasy, big fella - Vegetable Purees

It is a very funny feeling, trying to figure out what to eat when you can't really, um, eat. I don't like to think of myself as a mindless eater, unaware of what is going into my food hole, subconsciously chewing simply for the sake of chewing, but as I looked over my one-month post-op diet and it's restrictive recommendations, it became clear I would need to get my brain on board with my tummy.

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Springy Green Galette with Mushrooms and Swiss Chard

I should not complain - it's not polite and there are worse things going on in the world, but ... it's getting stuffy around my place. The cold clutches of winter are a distant memory, and yes, it gets cold in the high desert so "pfft". I'm glad it's spring. I welcome spring. Come oooooooooooon spring! But it's getting stuffy in my little white-trash trailer and I cannot put off servicing the swamp coolers much longer.

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Roasted Zucchini, Black Bean + Goat Cheese Enchiladas

This is straight from one of my favorite vegetarian blogs, Sprouted Kitchen, folks. Sara's food is healthy but, wait ... it gets better ... her food is amazingly tasty. She's awesome at putting together ingredients that just work together. In Sara's world you can have your cake and eat it, too, and for being such a healthy eater, treat yourself with a scoop of ice cream as well!

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