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Parachute - Chicago

I will not apologize for the amount of food publications I subscribe to, but at a certain point I had to take a long, hard look at the amount of paper that was piling up on bookshelves, end tables and empty corners around the house. I recycle religiously but couldn't keep the feelings of guilt at bay for purposefully and heartlessly slaughtering trees just to get my foodie fix.

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Rose's Luxury - An Opportunity Missed, but a Recipe Gained

I was actually hanging out along the outer fringes of Washington D.C. (Vienna, VA to be exact) when I saw Bon Appétit's tweet heralding their top Hot 10 2014 restaurant picks. I immediately zoned in on #1 because doesn't everyone want to say they've eaten at the hottest restaurant in America right now? Yes, that is me, hand raised proudly, flailing about drastically, actually.

It's true, I travel from my tiny northern Arizona town often for work, but I'm rarely 28 miles from B.A.'S #1 RESTAURANT PICK FOR 2014. Not when it hits newsstands and social media streams anyway. I'm usually impossibly far from those places.

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