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Khao Soi Kai - Northern Thai Curry Noodle Soup with Chicken

There is good Thai food, and then there is really, really good Thai food. If you've had the really, really good authentic stuff (Lotus of Siam in Vegas, Pok Pok in Portland and/or New York)  and it made you want to brave taking on the lengthy list of unknown ingredients and invest an entire weekend to pounding chile paste and curry paste in a mortar and pestle, in my book, you're a true lover of Thai food.

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Food Finds - Crushcraft Thai Street Eats, Dallas, TX

*I visited Crushcraft way back in July and am just now getting it on the blog. This one is quite wordier than my usual blogs, but this place made such a wonderful impact on me - from the concept to the design to the focus on making really good food accessible to the masses, Crushcraft is my new favorite Thai eatery. Since sampling their take on traditional Thai street foods, I've been to countless restaurants, hoping to duplicate the experience. Crushcraft stands alone. Read on to find out why, if you live anywhere close to Dallas, you should be frequenting this downtown joint.

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