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La BRASA Boston & Daniel Bojorquez's Honey-Butter-Grilled Chicken Thighs

I never head out on an adventure that leads me away from my tiny, northern Arizona town without putting my nose to the grind-stone and doing some heavy-hitting culinary research. Part of that comes from living in a remote and isolated "village" - when you leave our town, it's 2.5 hours in any direction to get to the next significantly populated area, so you make sure you're fueled up (necessities like blankets, water, and coolers for foodie finds in the trunk) and have plans to take advantage of your time "off the mesa". If I'm going to be gone all day and I won't be out of town again for months, I want to make the most of it. That means finding new and exciting places to eat and shop for food.

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Road Trip Food Adventures - Hot and Hot Fish Club

The list of restaurants I long to visit has grown so exponentially large, that I've gone from calling it a traditional "bucket list" to a "dump-truck list". Neither sounds sexy and I'm not ashamed to admit I have a serious problem. It is a dump-truck list, folks, and I won't bore you with what region of the country is winning the race. I have amassed lists far and wide, but I was lucky enough recently to mark off a long-anticipated visit to Hot and Hot Fish Club, a vibrant restaurant in Birmingham focusing on farm to table in all ways possible, and on creating a memorable dining experience you won't soon forget.

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