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Bananas, Creme Fraiche, Honey & Curry Cashews

I may be a child of the 70’s, which means I grew up on casseroles, odd fruit salads, and canned vegetables, but my taste has always grasped for fresher ingredients. And while I love a nice, thick, juicy steak, I also find that I gravitate more toward utilizing fruits and vegetables to compose a really good-tasting dish. I like the challenge.

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Oat+Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon and Blueberries

Next Monday will mark six weeks since my surgery. I feel fully recovered from the procedure itself so in that regard, I feel "normal" - but everything else about me has changed.

In the past two weeks I've progressed from pureeing everything in site to soft foods and lean proteins. I've graduated now to about 2.5-3 oz of protein plus about 1/3 of a cup of cooked vegetables, fruits, or complex carbohydrates per meal. While I've gotten the hang of "eyeballing" portions (4 oz of protein is about the size of a deck of cards, or your hand curled into a fist ) and I've memorized how much protein is in different foods, there is this new mindfulness that occurs every single time I sit down to a meal.

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Hangtown Fry - Updating a Classic, pt. 1

In my last post, I was a bit overzealous about amping up the bacon in my ramen by slathering it in the spicy, fermented Korean chile paste, gochujang, along with some brown sugar and soy sauce. I did this to the entire slab of bacon, an as a singleton, found that I had lots leftover (a girl can only eat so much ramen). Another ingredient I had quite a bit of, luckily, were several jars of fresh oysters from the Louisiana Delta. Shucked oysters freeze quite nicely - you can put them, along with their liquid, in a freezer-safe container, but make sure the oysters are covered in liquid. if their little heads are poking out, add some water to the container. I love a good oyster po' boy as much as the next red-blooded American, but I wanted to do something different with my little 2-cup container. I had oysters, I had bacon, I always have eggs ... the obvious solution was a hangtown fry.

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