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Proper Meats + Provisions – Sustainable, Local, Organic Butcher opens in Flagstaff, AZ

I’m not an overly patient person, but it’s true I have stood on line for many a culinary delight, the majority of which have been restaurants, food trucks, and possibly a celebrity-chef cookbook signing. I have not, however, often stood on line waiting for a butcher to open, so I was surprised (pleasantly) when I turned the corner of Cottage Avenue and San Francisco Street and saw a long line of people waiting outside the soon-to-open boutique butchery, Proper Meats + Provisions in Flagstaff, AZ.

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My First Article Debuts with Echo & Rig

It is one thing to self-publish, but even that takes some fortitude when you're a die-hard wallflower. It is something else altogether when someone says to you, "Yes, I liked what you wrote and I'd like to share it with the outside world." It is somehow humbling yet validating though I feel those two emotions conflicting with each other in my brain and in my breast daily.

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