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Hot Joy! Crab-Fat Caramel Wings

I recently admitted publicly (via social channels) that the one thing I like about football season is guilt-free chicken-wing consumption. It's all in the name of research, see? It's the one time of year I feel truly competitive - something I'm not normally which is why I was always the last one picked on any team. Scouring chicken wing recipes, I wonder if it's possible to out-do the chicken wings I just had?

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Gary's Teriyaki Chicken Wings (Recipe) - And a Nod to Andy Ricker

I told him it would be our little secret. I'd keep it to myself, if he'd just show me how he made those fantastic wings I'd be satisfied. No one else ever needed to know ... well, I doubt he believed my solemn promising and head nodding any more than I believed he really wanted or expected me to keep this recipe a secret. If I'm wrong, the worst thing that could happen is I'll lose my job. Finger's crossed!

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