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Watermelon & Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho with Lump Crab

I'm clearly hanging onto the last days of summer for dear life ... and this refreshing soup is proof. Several weeks back I had the opportunity to visit Driftwood Southern Kitchen in Raleigh, NC thanks to a tip from my fellow food-blogger Stacey of Cook Eat Life. You can read about Driftwood as well as find Stacey and her food blog by clicking riiiiiiiiiiight here. I was exhausted from travel but famished - I wanted something with a ton of flavor but that wouldn't make me want to crawl under the table immediately following for a nap.

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Food Finds - Driftwood Southern Kitchen, Raleigh, NC

It pays to know people, especially people who can put you on some pretty good food. If I've learned anything since embarking on my quest for exquisite sustenance, it's exactly that. We all have our favorite resources when searching for great food; I fancy and Tasting Table, followed up by Urban Spoon and Foursquare. I sure you have yours as well, but those sources are supplements after the fact.

I always ask friends first (pre-travel), then locals (upon arrival). It's an iron-clad plan of attack.

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