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Momofuku CCDC and the need for food models

Yesterday I hit up David Chang's Momofuku DC outpost - a place I've been longing to visit for as long as I've owned the Momofuku cookbook (long time). Yes, I had the pork belly buns. Yes I had the ginger-scallion noodles. Yes, I had the holy grail ... Momofuku Ramen.

That's a lot of food but luckily, I had reinforcements - I'm in DC visiting my good friends Pete and Hanna Robbins, and we met up with Pete's brother's family as well as his parents. I always look forward to meeting new people (and they were all delightful), but  honestly I was truly hoping to capitalize on making them my food models.

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Mission Street Food's Pork Belly

It has taken some time, lots of trial and error, but I think I've settled onto a "favorite" pork belly recipe and it comes to me (and now to you) by way of the Mission Street Food cookbook. For the unfamiliar, Mission Street Food was started in the Mission district of San Francisco by Anthony Myint and his wife, Karen Leibowitz. Founders of the now popular "pop-up" concept, Anthony and Karen rented a beat-up taco truck and began selling Anthony's unique and tasty sandwiches. It wasn't long before the truck had to be deserted and they found themselves looking for a place to hang their hats. This now sit-down restaurant broke the mold on traditional means of starting a restaurant and we are all the benefactors of that moment in culinary history.

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