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Feeding Friends, and a Potential New Adventure

When I think about what makes me the happiest, hands down it's when someone is enjoying a meal I cooked for them. The best meals are admittedly enjoyed with friends and family, but I'll cook for anyone who is  brave enough to pull up a chair at the table ... or anyone who has no other options. Recently our company was honored to receive two guests from our Japan office, Kawabe Hirokazu and Shunji Tanaka. To make them more comfortable and to forgo meetings at the office or in loud restaurants, we decided to put them up in a lovely rental home on the "rim" (Page is located on a mesa) which overlooked Lake Powell. The house was, to put it bluntly, a stunner - and they spared no expense on the kitchen. So I piped up and offered to cook for our guest and the management team that would be meeting with them during their stay.

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