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Ramen is Dead! At least I have gochujang bacon ...

Wait, what? Ramen is DEAD? I was just getting used to it being my FAVORITE FOOD EVER ... at least for right now. Last week I was pleased and excited to see that Lucky Peach (THE food bible) recently launched a website ( - convenient, no?). Well let me back up a moment - first I was dismayed and horrified when David Chang posted on Facebook that "RAMEN IS DEAD" - which included a link to the new website where I read anxiously until I realized Chang was merely suggesting that the innovation of ramen no longer exists, thanks in part to the immediacy of information available these days. And then I noticed several other submissions to The State of Ramen by the likes of food critic Jonathan Gold, food writer and publisher Peter Meehan, and the legendary ramen-master himself, Ivan Orkin. Ramen isn't quite dead, it's just that, as Chang suggests, "innovation and quality are all out of whack". For more of this glorious ramen discussion, go here.

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