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Rose's Luxury - An Opportunity Missed, but a Recipe Gained

I was actually hanging out along the outer fringes of Washington D.C. (Vienna, VA to be exact) when I saw Bon Appétit's tweet heralding their top Hot 10 2014 restaurant picks. I immediately zoned in on #1 because doesn't everyone want to say they've eaten at the hottest restaurant in America right now? Yes, that is me, hand raised proudly, flailing about drastically, actually.

It's true, I travel from my tiny northern Arizona town often for work, but I'm rarely 28 miles from B.A.'S #1 RESTAURANT PICK FOR 2014. Not when it hits newsstands and social media streams anyway. I'm usually impossibly far from those places.

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Food Finds - Driftwood Southern Kitchen, Raleigh, NC

It pays to know people, especially people who can put you on some pretty good food. If I've learned anything since embarking on my quest for exquisite sustenance, it's exactly that. We all have our favorite resources when searching for great food; I fancy and Tasting Table, followed up by Urban Spoon and Foursquare. I sure you have yours as well, but those sources are supplements after the fact.

I always ask friends first (pre-travel), then locals (upon arrival). It's an iron-clad plan of attack.

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Nashville-Style Sweet and Spicy Chicken

My dogs have completely lost their patience with me, and I don't blame them. They are spoiled dogs, so please don't call up the ASPCA just yet. They are adored, worshiped, snuggled, coddled, over-fed and generally loved to death. But I often go through phases where I crave food with quite a bit of heat and when that happens, the "sneakies" the puplets get during dinner time become few and far between.

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East Side King and Roy Choi's Midnight Torta (Recipe)

I find myself getting more and more emotional over food. A few close friends, whose opinions I respect, have eluded that I may be bordering on obsessive behavior. They're not wrong. Almost every conversation I have with them is interlaced with a thought or two about what I ate, what I plan to eat, and where I'll be planning to eat it. Would they eat what I just ate? Do they think they would like to eat what I'm going to eat? Are they free to come along on my next food adventure?

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Japanese Sake-Steamed Chicken

With the holidays in the rear-view mirror and the cold, long winter staring me down with no apparent end in sight, I find myself looking for easy things to cook. It's possible I'm still a bit shell-shocked from the all-day Ramen Broth adventure last weekend ... but is it too much to ask to want something that doesn't take 20 steps to finish, or take all day, but that still tastes fantastic?

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