Let me do the shopping for you

Whether you're spending your vacation time with us in Page and want your rental home fridge fully stocked upon arrival, or you're a local with never enough time on your hands - I'm here to help!

Imagine This:

  • Avoiding long lines at the grocery store
  • Spending more of your vacation time with your family doing things you enjoy
  • Avoiding unhealthy impulse buys
  • Driving home from work without stopping at the store

How It Works

  1. Send me your list via the contact form below.
  2. Together we arrange a time for delivery (for locals) or make arrangements to have your fridge stocked upon arrival (vacation rentals).
  3. I do the shopping, according to your list.
  4. I deliver the groceries at our pre-arranged date and time.
  5. You, in turn, reimburse me for the cost of groceries plus the shopping fee.

Shopping Fee:

$27.50 charge for grocery orders under $200.00

20% of grocery bill for orders over $200.00

Contact me for additional information and to send your shopping list. I look forward to working with you!

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